Bali was not an Act of Terrorism

It's a totalitarian slaughter; a very nuance. In most cases, a
terrorist attack is a reaction, a desperate act, which while horrible,
depends on the viewpoint in which we place this act.
The totalitarian idea is not a point of view but wants everything, to be realistic,
we must go to the base of her thoughts and passions.

The totalitarianism which struck Bali has two sources. Leninism, a
deviation of Marxism, which has itself generated more misery and injustice
than capitalism. And secondly, Nazism which on the pretext of racial
purity, then involved the world in titanic butchery. Both killed in the
name of "race" and "class" in order to totally impose their idea of a new
race of man dominated by a so called superior neo-aristocrat
developed with a barbarian test.

The third aspect of totalitarianism. that of Sept. 11, 2001 and now of Oct.
13, 2002, destroying discotheques in Bali and Tel Aviv; but it is not the
West which is targeted, nor the liberation of Palestine, but the modern
city life of freedom of thought and living as one chooses. That is the true
enemy of a Bin Laden and also that of French negationist author like Garaudy
and totalitarian auxiliaries who are going with weapons and luggage in the new Camp of Death.

Make no mistake; in Bali, the excuse to justify Sept. 11 sings false.

In Bali, as in Palestine, an indigenous discotheque would have suffered the
same fate. What is at work here is the flame of liberty that even God did
not attempt to extinguish when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the
Garden of Eden. Bin Laden and his consorts would have killed them, because
for them God is just a lever with which they would install their vision of
only their own image and in which they would completely control our
thoughts and actions.

On the other hand, and contrary to generally accepted ideas, the prevailing
nihilism, which seems to be made of pink candy in order to give the
impression of existing solely for higher aims, by nefarious incitement
forges the basis for this hatred and racism and this enlightened
totalitarianism uses diverse abuses of unbridled power confusing the
economy and Las Vegas.

The battle against this third totalitarianism, to eradicate, without fear,
this new hideous beast, will not be possible if it's ugly hydra is found
placed on the double transfusion of nihilism and hucksterism.

Therefore, what must be done is to learn to fight on several fronts; to
confront step by step; thought by thought, the enemies of democracy, to
preserve and develop the clarity of an open society in which justice and
concern for others become the rule for the refinement of oneself. That is
the challenge! That the dancers of Bali stay alive in our memory and are
never buried in our thoughts as symbols of the sacred joy of life.
Wiithout the cops of the mind to order you not to think, not to
feel, not to react, not to live.