Baudrillard and the deathless link with the totalitarism spirit

2 novembre 2001

Baudrillard, in its text* of November 2 - All Souls' Day- hallucinates, once again, when he plays first of all with the " all culprits celebrates it " game or how totalitarianism drains the secret desires of the " system " i.e. " us all ".

In my concern I did not desire, of the whole, the September 11 monstrosity .

Baudrillard confuses the jealousy, even the desire, which can foment a death instinct against a some person concrete, and the hatred cold resulting of this kind of disappointment which blame the existence of society modern - of its freedom indeed recent- through the America.

Baudrillard "is baudrillardising" then reality summoned to turn around its reversed vision of the world with its stylistic effects or how malignant genius stupidly comes to be locked up again in its small bottle of direction: because, during this time, which Baudrillard of the motivations specific makes to the followers of the great Caliphate?

What does he make some rise to power of a thirst world of freedom and of comfort techno-urban himself tear off some finger hooked of system symbolic system uneven and sexistes dream with eternal return of awful golden age ?

And is it to better live the inequality in democracy - while fighting against it only in the world without hope of the dictatorships, when well even those are, alas, supported, even fattened by that one?...

Because the current fight is not carried out between the show of the system and symbolic system ressuscity (I believed besides that this one had died for Baudrillard...) but between the better, intense and comfortable life, and a died, gray and frugal life.

Baudrillard is fascinated by the death built by this one and its wild, impavide capacity to leave the grave - where it buried itself for us to lock up there too.

It is allowed not to agree to its request and not to listen to the player of flute to sing us softnesses of this chasm.

* (in the newspaper " Le Monde " dated November 3).