Why did Arafat "vote" Sharon ?

It is not maybe so unlikely that it to think that Arafat didn't want the peace. It is indeed easier to behave like international star stealing capital in capital to draw and to palabre on chimeras that to remain modestly on his land to dig well, to construct schools, to bring the prosperity in the free Palestine, step by step. Even Highest didn't make the Universe in one day.
Elie Wiesel, in a recent article appeared in french newspaper Le Monde, said that it was the first time that he heard the Palestinian to deny the historic presence of the Jewish in Jerusalem.

Arafat put indeed in doubt the existence of the temple of Salomon under the present esplanade said of Mosques. He also insisted like ever on the necessity to see to come back the three millions of exiles, inside Israel. One understands whereas the Jewish abstain or vote Sharon massively. However another strategy was possible.

Like it was been noted by number of commentators, Arafat could fight in the first place that Israel stops his protectionism and accept an economic fairness therefore while stopping taxing and to confine the Palestinian production.

It was necessary to explain to the whole world that it doesn't exist a strong state without a prosperous economy and that in this case the Israeli economic politics was inadequate with this perspective.

All things indicated that this won politico-economic battle, the foreign investments were going to arrive growly. However Arafat, instead of playing this card preferred the "final war" despising the peace that brings usually in the History the trade and the multiform exchanges.

Under the pressure of deserters of the decrepit Communism passed body and soul in the fundamentalism blasphemous Arafat chose to "khomenysed" and "talibanised" the Palestinian. That means to tend all their energy of life toward the war. What war? Not the interior psychic war against the permanent easy solution corruption. But the small outside war between selfishness that made that Mohamed exceeded by his Ali nephew sent him, alas, to fight elsewhere, in north Africa! for the divided Berber tribes.

Arafat chose his camp. The one of the ideological war.

If one examines the situation well one can perceive that all one fringes western ideologists hopes in the reaction fundamentalist to stop the present evolution.
It's not sufficient to reject the mistake on Israel therefore.

Israël also underwent the yoke of the disappointed of modernity that imposed Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv like capital. It would have been necessary to yet continue to play the modern "judaïté" instead of taking refuge in a " original " that cannot be temporalisé against history.

However this one specified well that Jerusalem had to remain holy city, certainly, but open to the three religions of the Book. And no, before history, the one of men, doesn't have the right to impose his uniform vision.

Enough deaths in the name of Highest! Whereas ever The one - raised the hand here on Adam and Eve, or even Cain whereas they had lied to him.
The drift of Israel became more pronounced when the assassin of Rabin could continue to carry his kippa. A religious judgment that forbids him it would have been necessary because not only it is a roof that a Jewish kills a Jewish other but makes it under the table setting of the Very High, it becomes a blasphemy.

And now (in 2001) ? All observant serious an Israeli leader said never was as far as went in concessions like Barak. Was necessary does his can still ?Humiliates himself while denying the existence of the Mount of the Temple? Or does must he accepts the come back on the field about three millions of Palestinian exiles whereas the hundreds of thousand of Jewish who escaped the Arabian countries had abandoned everything?

And what about the first official installation of the Jewish in 1948? Does people know that the feudal Arabic had sold to vile price it of their peasants? What the Jewish have made of it benefitted of social reports to the same breast of the Arabian society who privileged chiefs of clan? And that these Jewish had just escaped of the Nazi camps?

It would be time that the blind and morbid employees of the Palestinian reason manage to admit that the present leaders go precisely against interests of the Palestinian people while rolling for the account of anti - modern ideologists now using the religious as ultimate fatal weapon.

It would be also time for the Jewish illuminated to understand that it doesn't serve to anything to confine the Palestinian economy in a collar worthy of the Indian reserves of yesteryear whereas it would be worth to help the Palestinian civil society better to detach themselves of its hostile principal: the anti - modern fundamentalism.

Paris February 7, 2001.